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Blackfin Processor Plugin for IDA Pro

Last month i buyed a Rigol DS1052e digital memory oscilloscope. I read that there is a easy way to patch it from 50MHz to 100MHz bandwith by sending some simple commands to his serial interface. Unfortunately i got a newer firmware version where this 'feature' was deactivated. And there was no known way to patch it. So i got the idea to reverse engineer the scope.

A firmware image was found fastly, but to find a Blackfin disassembler was a real problem. The only one i found was objdump from the Blackfin toolchain. Because i don't want to struggle myself by grepping through a huge textfile, i had to write my own disassembler.

Because IDA Pro from hexworks is one of the best reverse engineering tools on the market, i decided to write a processor plugin for it. My plugin is based upon the 'Simply Python Byte Code Module' from Chris Eagle and the Blackfin disassemler part of libopcodes.

Update: In the meantime there exists a possibility to downgrade the oscilloscope and patch it, but i didn't tried it yet.



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Source Code

You can find the source code on my github site.
You can checkout the recent code with

git clone git://

or download the tarball direct over

Feel free to contact me for feedback and questions at andreas(at)



This code is released under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2