» September 2011 » Rigol DS1052 Homebrew

Very First Rigol DS1052 Homebrew

I'm proud to present you my first "Hello World" application on the Rigol DS1052E! So far as i know, it's the very first homebrew software on a rigol oscilloscope :)


I reverse engineered some pieces of the firmware and replaced the code thats used to execute the ":FFT" console command with my own "Hello World!". Flashed this new firmware to the scope and started it with the serial console.

It's only a few lines of code:

.equ show_info_str,0x3AF80

.org 0xB7D7A                           #startaddress in firmware 02.05.02

# Display Hello World
R0.L = Hello
R0.H = Hello
CALL show_info_str                   #call to display function

JUMP lp                                  #endless loop, if we jump back to the system
                                             #the message flashs only some milliseconds on the screen

.ascii "Hello World ! :)"

.org 0xB7EB6                          #end of :FFT command, last byte we can use














Next step is to find a free position in the RAM to upload and execute homebrew software over the serial port.