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Dojo DnD with position:fixed, a quick and dirty hack

Tue, 06 Nov 12 22:41:44 +0100

Dojo is a nice javascript framework that i.e. let you make mouse moveable windows with only some lines of code. But this will not work with position:fixed windows. This is a quick'n'dirty solution to get it to work.

CR16C Processor Plugin for IDA Pro

Tue, 12 Jun 12 01:02:26 +0200

I started to write a new IDA plugin, this time for the CR16C CPU.

Linux on a XUPv2 FPGA Board

Thu, 03 May 12 03:44:27 +0200

By installing the Xilinx toolchain and build environment for the linux kernel i ran into some little problems. To save time for me and others, here i write the solutions.

tichyBlog 1.0 released

Fri, 06 Apr 12 01:23:23 +0200

I wrote a small but comfortable Blogging/CMS-Software to use it for my own blog. Now, after i tested it for some time, i released the source under GPL v2.