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Rigol Homebrew 4 All

Sat, 31 Dec 11 00:53:50 +0100

Read here about my toolchain for Rigol oscilloscopes that makes it possible to build your own software, link it against the installed firmware, upload and start it in normal operation of the device.

Three Rigol DS1xxx Firmware Secrets

Tue, 08 Nov 11 21:52:49 +0100

This time i wrote about some things i found by reverse engineering the Rigol DS1xxx Firmware.

Very First Rigol DS1052 Homebrew

Thu, 22 Sep 11 23:37:14 +0200

I'm proud to present you my first "Hello World" application on the Rigol DS1052E! So far as i know, it's the very first homebrew software on a rigol oscilloscope :)

Rigol RGL Firmware Update Loader

Fri, 09 Sep 11 01:37:39 +0200

The most problems i had with reverse engeineering the software of the rigol DS1052 scope was that i didn't know on which address the code from firmware updates should be loaded. But last tuesday i got a mail with sourcecode for a RGL firmware file loader from ThomasVlad.
I added it to the IDA Blackfin Plugin repository on github.


Thu, 08 Sep 11 17:34:31 +0200

Long times ago, as i suddenly understood the MS Windows messaging system, i build a little tool to play around with the windows from running applications. You can play around with the window settings, change text, etc...

Look at the video inside !

PHP Access Log And Statistic Class

Mon, 01 Aug 11 09:24:23 +0200

Here you find a simple and easy to use class that can be added to PHP websites to log and display user activities.

Blackfin Processor Plugin for IDA Pro

Sat, 23 Apr 11 21:18:31 +0200

I needed a good comfortable Blackfin disassembler but i couldn't find one. So i wrote my own processor plugin for IDA Pro. You can get the source from here.

Hello World !

Sat, 02 Apr 11 01:04:09 +0200

Hello World ! This is my new blog. From now on i'm going to write about the hardware and software projects i work on. Have fun with reading.