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About Me

Hi !

I'm Krater, like crater in english...or simply, like the hole..., real name: Andreas Schuler.

I was born in the 80's and grown up with C64 and Amiga systems. Everytime when playing games was too boring for me, I took a screwdriver and looked what was inside a device. I lerned quickly how to programm my C64 in basic and assembler, how to repair and enhance it with features like a reset button. That was my entrance in programming and electronics. Now, years later, I turned my hobby into a career and work as a freelancer in software and hardware development.

Back then, as there was no internet, it was a challenge to gather information how to programm this systems. Most of it came from a german magazine about the C64, the 64'er Magazin. Now, as you can find all information in the internet, I'm looking for a new challenge, like things for which you don't find information in the web. Thats the reason why one of my biggest hobbies is to reverse engineer embedded systems and other close-to-hardware programming.

In fact, I think it's interesting to take a piece of software or hardware and force it to do things for that it's not designed, i.e. to hack a server or to make a oscilloscope playing pong.


There are some other of my projects,  I want to link to: - Disclosure of some big security issues in DECT phone standard and implementations, Linux driver for SC14421 chipset

ChaosEdit - A enhanced level editor for Wolfenstein 3D, one of the first ego shooter from ID Software

RigolWiki - a try to start a homebrew community for rigol oscilloscope devices