» July 2015 » DECT Hacking

DECT Hacking

Some years ago, some people hacked the DECT standard, found flaws in the DSC(Encryption), the DSAA(Authentication) and that most of the DECT devices don't encrypt anyway. I was one of this people.
One of my parts was the reverse engineering of the Com-On-Air Card (a PCMCIA Card, based on the SC14421 DECT baseband) and writing the hardware part of the linux driver.

Now, some years later, I needet the driver again and saw that, our old website is down. All repos too.
Looks like the code is not available in the web anymore...., this is no call for people to send me old code ;)

I have some copies of some stadium of the code on my harddisks, servers, etc.
Two of it are interesting, so I uploaded it to make it available again. One for really old kernels, one for old kernels. I updated dectshark too, to get simple live audio output.

You will find it on my Github account.

Have fun !