» November 2011 » Rigol DS1xxx Secrets

Three Rigol DS1xxx Firmware Secrets

Here i show you some partly useful and interesting hidden functions that i found by reverse engineering the Rigol DS1xxx Firmware file. It's only tested for version 2.05 of DS1052E and DS1102D firmware.

I advise you to don't try it at any other version, maybee it could destroy your scope!


Secret 1: Recovering the Key Lock Code and Unlocking

If you locked your Rigol with the key lock function from the utilities menu and forgot the code, you can simply type the command

:info:keys? (alt+numblock 0+numblock 1+numblock 0)

to the serial console of your scope. As result you get the six digit code to unlock it.


Secret 2: Lock and Unlock AUTO-Key

You can lock and unlock the AUTO-Key by putting a file with the name AUTO_KEY_Lock&Unlock.RGL to your USB stick and plug it in your Rigol DS1xxx scope. The file consists of the text
bytewise xor'ed with 0x19. I don't know why this function exists, but i suppose a development function or a little easter egg.

If you want to try it out, you can download the file here.


Secret 3: Key Combinations

If you want more infos about firmware and hardware version, you can type


at the Utility->System Information. Another combination is


at the same screen. What happens is.....nothing.....
Okay, not really nothing, it happens the same as when you send :info:systemservice on to the serial console, but i seen no difference between systemservice on or off. Maybee someone else knows more (?)

I found a third key combination but i don't know from where you must use it. I don't know what it does, so maybee you should be careful.