» September 2011

Very First Rigol DS1052 Homebrew

Thu, 22 Sep 11 23:37:14 +0200

I'm proud to present you my first "Hello World" application on the Rigol DS1052E! So far as i know, it's the very first homebrew software on a rigol oscilloscope :)

Rigol RGL Firmware Update Loader

Fri, 09 Sep 11 01:37:39 +0200

The most problems i had with reverse engeineering the software of the rigol DS1052 scope was that i didn't know on which address the code from firmware updates should be loaded. But last tuesday i got a mail with sourcecode for a RGL firmware file loader from ThomasVlad.
I added it to the IDA Blackfin Plugin repository on github.


Thu, 08 Sep 11 17:34:31 +0200

Long times ago, as i suddenly understood the MS Windows messaging system, i build a little tool to play around with the windows from running applications. You can play around with the window settings, change text, etc...

Look at the video inside !